January 2018 Feature Thought Leader Interview
Alan Anwar

Our Thought Leader Interviews feature this month is with Bruce Emery, Head of Australia & New Zealand for Infosys Finacle.


Bruce recently joined Finacle, a global financial technology provider that is part of the large business consulting, IT and outsourcing services group Infosys. He leads a specialized business and technical team who partners with clients to build solutions for innovative growth and automation. Finacle provides a range of digital and core banking solutions and services for financial services clients and has built a cloud Digital Banking solution for mutual banks and credit unions.

Q: How is Finacle unique compared to its competitors?

Bruce: Finacle has been in Australia, serving the most well-known brands since 2006.  Our partnerships extend far beyond core and digital banking. We have a compliant Cloud Offering for Finacle Software-as-a-Service which has been independently certified by Grant Thornton. 

We have over 40 local integration partners (e.g. FDI, ATO, Equifax/Veda, NPP, Allianz CCI etc.) as well as a 400+ strong Finacle team for Australia & NZ who are part of larger 2500+ Finacle global delivery team. Apart from the strong regional presence, our independent industry analysts have consistently (9 years in a row) positioned our product as leaders in the banking technology space as well as our customers winning numerous industry awards for innovation and technology.

Q: What trends do you expect to see in the Core Banking / Digital Banking industry in the next 5 years?

Bruce: The speed of change in this industry is accelerating and I believe the following trends will play out:

  1. Demand for frictionless experiences. The seamless mix of channels and devices, with delivery of financial services blended as second nature.
  2. Real-time and contextual insights. This will make more relevant offers to customers and develop better relationships.
  3. Artificial Intelligence. With vast improvements in natural language processing, authentication processes, and analytics.
  4. Large ecosystems driving delivery of banking services. With open API’s being mandated across the world by regulators, more niche providers will enter the mainstream and partner with larger partners to deliver what customers need.
  5. Automation and Bots. Bots to automate easily replicable tasks and machine language processing to increase output without increasing costs. These will empower bankers of tomorrow to focus more on developing a relationship with their customer and leave the mundane to technology.

Q: As a new leader for Finacle in the Australia & New Zealand region, what will be the first things you would look to do?

Bruce: I believe a successful leader is a good listener and communicator.  Ability to engage with team members in an authentic manner and ability to gain buy in for the strategy and motivate the team.  

A good leader sets clear and measurable expectations in advance and uses clear indicators to measure success. High performing businesses usually have a high performance team and leader.  Always developing people and coaching for success.

Q: What do you believe are the traits and qualities of a great leader?

Bruce: I believe a successful leader is a good listener and communicator who is able to share the strategy and take the team along with them. They must have empathy for the team and each of the individuals within. 

A good leader sets clear and measurable expectations in advance and uses clear indicators to measure success. A great leader is always developing his people and coaching for success.

Q: What strategies do you use to attract and retain top talent?

Bruce: I have found in the past that the team members are the best recruiters, they know the requirements for roles and have a true sense on cultural fit. We also work with reputable search partners who specialise in Financial Technology space and have a strong reputation. 

I believe the best way to retain talent is to be aware of their personal aspirations, willingness for development, and have active development plans. You should be real about people’s development journey and ensure they know how they contribute to the team and overall company performance.


Q: What advice would you give young professionals looking to grow their careers within the Financial Technology industry?


Bruce: I would suggest that they take part, get involved and get onboard with an innovative company where everyone’s ideas are valued and nurtured. The speed of change in the Financial Technology industry is accelerating and it is an exciting time to be part of this space.

The shift of consumer power within the banking sector has witnessed a change in the way your bank engages.  This involves the use of innovative technology that matches the speed of consumer change and financial empowerment.  There is a definite sense of urgency and change happening in our customers and our own business across the globe.


Alan Anwar is an Executive Director at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Financial Technology & Data sectors.

You can download their FREE comprehensive guide on “The Complete Guide to Hiring FinTech & Market Data Talent - 5 Proven Steps to Secure the Best Candidates Possible” here. Alternatively you can view the Datasearch Consulting website or contact them directly on info@datasearchconsulting.com for a more detailed discussion.