What Are the Top Four APAC Financial Technology Jobs?
Alan Anwar

You might think that a top four “hot” jobs list is a little pointless if you are a candidate because it is unlikely that you will jump sectors, but in a market that is fast moving there is remarkable opportunity for professionals to take a sideways move into a faster “lane.”

I hope that employers will certainly gain some value from these insights – it is always good to know where a market is moving in terms of investing in people. People are needed where there is money to be made, and if you are not investing in these areas yourself, then maybe you are missing out on opportunities?

So, here are our top four areas for the APAC Financial Technology market over the past 12 months:

1. Demand for Sales & Presales specialists

Revenue generating roles or business “growth” roles

2. Regional hiring

Outside of the key APAC financial centers (Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia), there is a growing demand for Technology specialists in countries such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The market for good talent is very tight in these markets and local language skills are usually needed.

3. Hot Sectors

High levels of demand right now in the areas of Enterprise Solutions, Buyside, Risk/Security/Fraud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Digital.

4. Recent spike in demand for consultants

Technology consultants, Professional Services and System integrators are all in high demand currently.

Many of the roles are naturally oriented towards growth and operational improvement. Companies need people with a track record of delivering change but also with the vision and potential to reinvent their future and the future of their employers. Fintech is not an industry where you can dine out on your past successes for long – to stay at the cutting edge you have to push the boundaries of what your tech can achieve (and be visionary enough to sell the proposition to your clients).

One interesting aspect is the knock-on effects of regional expansion. The industry is now experiencing explosive growth outside the key financial centers of Hong Kong, Singapore and Australia, and as the expertise is stretched to cover new markets such as China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia, it is creating new opportunities back home as well as abroad. If you keep on top of the industry press, the moment that you hear that a company has international expansion plans, it is likely that roles will appear in the gaps left in the more established markets.

We are seeing an influx of global technology vendors and consultants into the APAC market, and while local knowledge remains important, Financial Technology leaders from the US and Europe are finding that they have much to give. For clients who are open to bringing in such expertise from outside the region, there is a surprising amount of value to be gained in inviting a different viewpoint. Many consultants then put down roots and become pivotal employees in a company’s journey.

One thing that is certain is that growth will be a constant for a good few years yet.

Are you recruiting or searching for these roles currently to propel you along your journey?


Alan Anwar is the Managing Director at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Financial Technology & Data sectors.

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