The Role of the Interim in APAC Fintech
Alan Anwar

Although the vast majority of our roles are for permanent hires, it would be remiss not to discuss the role of the interim/ contractor market within the APAC Fintech market.


While we are conducting a thorough search for the right permanent person, we often come across hugely experienced professionals who are looking for a more flexible existence. Rather than be rigid with our brief, we sometimes decide to introduce these people to our clients alongside the process, and they are often grateful that we did.


When it comes to global talent operating on a project basis within the APAC Fintech market, there is a great amount of value to be enjoyed by taking these people on.

For one, no matter what their functional expertise,you can be certain that they will have had a far more varied experience than a permanent employee. Fintech is so fast moving that this can translate into a myriad of learning opportunities – experience that every employer is looking to take advantage of. No one wants to make mistakes - taking on an interim who has already made many of them (alongside those around them) is a great way of making good decisions, the first time.


Secondly, interims tend to have a huge amount of project management and influencing experience. While a permanent employee might take a while to settle in (working out the office politics,etc), an interim is rarely afraid to get stuck in and make a difference. They might ruffle a few more feathers, but it is nearly always for the good of the business and their frank insights can act as rocket fuel for an ambitious company.

The next point is that interims tend to be more readily available (if you look for them with enough notice). While permanent searches are typically fairly swift in a dynamic market, nothing beats putting three fantastic interim candidates in front of a CEO and saying that they can start in the next 1-2 weeks. They are typically nomadic, there are no big issues with relocation, and they are accustomed to hitting the ground running.


Probably the biggest value of taking on an interim or two is that they are an incredible source of ideas. Following from the previous point, they are not afraid to be forthright with their views, and when it comes to creativity and innovation, ideas are all you need. They would not survive for long as interims if their creativity was lacking - just one spark from an external perspective is all that a company needs to raise their bar yet further.

Employers argue that there is more uncertainty when you hire someone on a temporary basis, but if you maximise the value while they are with you, the additional benefits are undeniable.


Interims play an important role for some of the most successful players in Fintech, and if you are not taking advantage of what they bring, maybe it is time to consider it?


Alan Anwar is the Managing Director at Datasearch Consulting, a leading executive recruitment firm specialising in the Financial Technology & Data sectors.

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